Sunday, December 05, 2010

Crazy, non-productive weekend!!

Friday and Saturday, our Lady Knights varsity soccer team had a tournament in Kingman. My varsity player of course went, but the coaches also brought Cassidy from JV so that she could record the games on Friday and play in the games on Saturday since they would be short-handed.

It was a bummer of a tourney.

Our poor girls just didn't have it in them. They were short several seasoned varsity players, and they just couldn't pull a win out of a hat.

In the second game on Saturday, we were down to two subs when one of our goalies got injured when a girl from the other team pushed one of our girls into the goalie. Since Haley is goalie also, she had to come off the field and go into the box, which put our subs down to one. After a few more plays, there is a scuffle for the ball almost inside our net and Haley jumps on the ball. Well, one of the girls from the other team didn't stop trying to kick the ball and kicked my daughter in the nose, square between the eyes. She was down on the field for several minutes. When the athletic trainer tried to help her up, she wobbled and could not stand firm. Darrell had to run down there and carry her off the field and they took her to the training room via cart. After that, with 18 minutes left in the game, we had to forfeit. Our girls were beat.

Thankfully, Haley is doing well. She's taking it easy today.

Here are some shots of the girls, playing side by side on the varsity team. :)

We are purple. Hay is on the left upper and Cass is running with her.

My girls. *sigh* I love them

Haley in the box. LOVE her goalie jersey! It has a rib cage and inside of it are cogs and mechanical pieces since she is a MACHINE when she wears it! :)

And, because I cannot forget. Today is my wonderful husband's 43rd birthday! And he has to work. So, since we were gone for the tourney all weekend, we are having his celebration next week when everyone is home!! Happy birthday, honey!!


Thursday, December 02, 2010

Some things I've made

I love to craft. But for some reason, I don't do it nearly enough. I have all the supplies, all the goods, all the motivation...but I lack the follow through. Therefore, I have totes and totes full of unfinished projects.

Awhile ago, while visiting my bff, we decided to try a few crafty things with our new-fangled Expressions that we had gotten awhileagorecently. We made a tile with just the word "family" on it from one of the cartridges. I don't have a photo of it because...well, I've been bad about photos lately.

My aunt saw the tile awhile later and wanted a few for Christmas gifts this year. Since my Expression is older now, I've had lots of practice using it. *coughcough* Sorry, something got stuck in my throat...

I dusted off my E, got some vinyl, and got to work. And this is what I came up with!!

(Again, please forgive the cell phone pics. I got a new point and shoot on Black Friday so things will be looking up!)

I love them and I think they turned out fabulous!! I think I'll make a few as gifts from me! If you get one...act surprised. ;)

Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Sorry for the hiatus!

When the weather cools do I. Hence my hiatus from updating my blog! But my goal is to be better about updating, and actually finding interesting things to update with!!

I thought today's entry would be about weight loss. In particular, my weight loss.

I've struggled with weight in the past few years, bouncing up and down, but mostly bouncing up. I was buying bigger and bigger clothes, and becoming more and more miserable. I tried everything, and failed at every diet. I even failed at Weight Watchers...where you can eat just about anything you want. But then I found THE diet for me.

Homeopathic HCG.

When I first heard about this program a few years ago, all I knew was that it had to be done with injections. So, since I am deathly afraid of needles, it was a no brainer for me: No thanks. Then, I found out there was a homeopathic version of HCG and decided to try it. The diet itself is VERY restrictive, and I didn't tell anyone that I was doing it (except my bff) because I didn't want anyone telling me I would fail at it.

So I ordered and started.

I didn't have stellar results because in the beginning, I was still working on my self control. I had some slip ups. I had some falls on my face. But my first round I lost 15 pounds and a ton of inches. In my second round, I found it was a LOT easier, and I lost another 15lbs and got down to a comfortable 12 from a tight 14. I also went down to L (some XL) in shirts from 1X.

I am on round three right now and am having a difficult time getting back into the groove after a month long hiatus. But I'm not giving up. I've come too far and am too close to my goal. :)

Here are a few comparison pictures. I usually stay out of the lens so photos of me are hard to come by. But you can get a glimpse...


(January, 2010)

(July, 2010. Notice all of my skinny cousins?! Do you know how HARD it is to hide behind a skinny cousin?!)

And AFTER/CURRENT pics! I still have about 20-25 pounds to go, but I've come a long way!!

(November, 2010)

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