Saturday, November 20, 2010

I've finally started on my scraproom!!

Yesterday I finally started cleaning out and organizing my scraproom. I spent hours in there moving things around, throwing things out and sorting items. I am SO excited to see the progress so far! I am no where NEAR the end, but at the rate I'm going right now, I could actually do a layout or a card this weekend!!

Now, here's where I hang my head in shame.

I didn't take any (good) before pics. I think my scrapbooking membership card should be revoked. I did, however, snap a few shots with my crappy cell phone camera, so all is not lost. I will post actual pics when I am done with the whole room!

We have measured and measured and now the process of buying cabinets and counter tops begins!!

Here is one view. My table (to the right) is actually a little cleaned off. It was stacked so high before that everything was sliding off onto the floor! So this is not quite a beginning, but not an after just yet. The table in the back, with the green containers on it, will be replaced by the cabinets and countertop. It will run from wall to wall.

And here is a view standing in my scraproom. The bookcase that you see now was in the upper left corner of the previous picture. Shelving will eventually go above the bookcase.

Now, here's something you can all help me with! I have a glass door that leads into my scraproom. I'd like to put something in vinyl on the outside of the door, but I don't want to say "Welcome." What would be good to put on the door? I'm going to hang a curtain on the inside, so the word would be what you see before opening the door to my scraproom. Let's hear your ideas!!

Happy Saturday!!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

I love to meal plan...when I do it.

Does anyone else out there like to meal plan? I love to meal plan...when I actually do it. I don't know *why* I don't do it more because when I actually do it, I save money and we eat better and have more time management. When I don't meal plan, it's a free for all.

Today I jotted down a few meals that we haven't had in awhile and also ones that can be easily frozen. I'm all for making extras and freezing them...when I remember to buy extra ingredients. I also take our leftovers and freeze them so hubby has meals during his work week. But today, I actually based all the meals on their ability to be frozen.

I went to Walmart tonight and browsed around and picked up all of the ingredients for my meals. I also picked up some foil baking pans so that they can be frozen and then put right into the oven. I am planning on cooking all day tomorrow and stocking our freezer!

Here's what's on the menu:

Texas Style Spaghetti
Lasagna Soup
Chicken Enchiladas
Roast with gravy
Italian Chicken

I will post recipes as I go if anyone is interested!!


Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Procrastination doesn't pay.

I've probably posted about my procrastination several times on this blog. I'll have to go back and check. Later. (hahah!!)

I had some items that absolutely had to get out in the mail no later than today. I've known about this project for...oh...a month or more. But could I *be* prepared for once in my life?

Don't bet on it.

When you procrastinate and your deadline looms above you, you begin to run around like a chicken with its head cut off. Then, things don't always go your way. Or in this case, MY way. The items I had to get out are Christmas presents that I made for someone else to give. I can't post the pics here because, well, they are gifts. But trust me; they are REALLY cute!!

So, as I'm running around like a maniac, nothing is working right. My Cricut isn't cutting right and is tearing my letters. I find out I'm *thisclose* to running out of black vinyl, which keeps tearing in the aforementioned scenario. I can't get my pics to copy onto a DVD-R which has to be mailed with the gifts. And to top it off, my land line wasn't working.


So, after brainstorming with my BFF, I change the blade on my Cricut. Magic. It worked. I was able to squeak out the last of my craft with the black vinyl I had left. I found some CD-Rs to copy my pics to...and I got my land line working again.

The package is in the mail, and I'm spent.

It doesn't pay to procrastinate. But apparently I never learn my lesson.

And here's another vacation picture I uploaded today. Boy, did I wish I was back on that ship today!!


Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Why do vacations go so fast?

Last week, my mom treated my family to a cruise as our family Christmas present this year. She went with us, as did my aunt and uncle. We left Long Beach and went to Catalina and Ensenada. When we got to Catalina, I told everyone to turn off their cell phones because I wasn't sure when the International calls/texts would go into effect since we cross international waters at some point and then when we hit Mexico.

Little did we know that about the same time we hit Catalina on our ship, another Carnival ship, the Splendor, had a fire in their engine room and lost all water and electricity. Our friends had no way of getting a hold of us, and we didn't even know about the other ship until the next day. It even turns out that we had passed the Splendor but no one knew we did (passengers) because the ship was blacked out!

When we finally got back into the LB port and turned on our phones, the texts/messages/FB alerts started coming in like crazy!! Our friends were so worried about us!! We really felt bad for not updating anyone. :(

Here are two family pictures from the cruise. I will post the rest in a little while! Still have lots of scanning to do!!




Monday, November 15, 2010

And now for a second post! Enter this giveaway!!

And that's an order!

Now, don't get used to TWO posts in one day from me, but I had to post and let you know about this giveaway on Tatertots & Jello!! I love the puff quilts, and one of these days I'm going to try the tutorial that Honeybear Lane has posted on her blog!!

So, head on over, start drooling, and start entering!!

It is now noon...

...and I am finally getting around to writing today's entry.

I think I will call it: "An Entry About Nothing." Hey, that's kind of catchy. Wonder if I could make a show out of it...

Woke up with a migraine today. I think migraines are absolutely fitting for Monday's, don't you? I actually went to bed with it last night and didn't take any meds, thinking I could just sleep it off. I try not to take meds unless I'm absolutely dying. But, I woke up with same said headache this morning so I knew I had to take something. Some Advil Cold & Sinus, some more sleep, and I can actually function now. Still achy but much better.

Today all the kiddos went back to school. They are going to have one HECK of a week because not only did they miss last week due to the cruise, the girls begin high school soccer practice and my senior practices from 4pm to 7pm. So, she wakes up for her 7AM class, she gets out of school at 12:30, tutors two days a week, comes home and does online Spanish, goes to after school clubs twice a week, and will have soccer practice every day. I'm exhausted typing that all out. We don't know what team my freshman daughter will make yet (senior is guaranteed varsity, which is good but a little strange, IMO), but I will announce it when we find out!!

I'm already one day behind on my zone for the week. Story of my life, hahah. The good news is that I don't sleep much when hubby isn't home so I can stay up all night and work on organizing the recipes while the kiddos are sleeping. ;)

Happy Monday!!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

I really do Wanna be Martha!

I've decided to get back into the organizational groove. With the holidays coming up, it's time to purge, reorganize, and prepare for a stress-free holiday season!

I think I am going to take a "zone" at a time and take a week to do each one. I know I won't get much done before Thanksgiving, but if I get ahead of myself (a girl can dream), then I will push on.

My first zone will be kitchen/dining room/hutch area.

I will empty cupboards, discard/donate unused items and get everything in working that I can mess it up when I start baking. hahah.

A big part of the kitchen organization, apart from the cupboards, will be organizing my cookbook/recipes cupboard. Yes. CUPBOARD. I need to streamline it and make it easier. I'm tired of having to sort through piles and piles of papers when I want to make something. Do you know how difficult that is when you want to make SOMETHING but have no idea what you want to make?! I think I will get a binder and take some page protectors, and sort out the recipes by type. Hopefully that will make meal planning more fun...and easier.

Will post updates later! I know you will all be on pins and needles... ;P

Saturday, November 13, 2010

I'm back, yet again!!

And this time I brought a giveaway!!

You HAVE to go and check out this site: These are some of the prettiest clocks I've seen in a long time! I have many ideas for them as we just got back from a cruise and took a lot of family photos!

After you check out the gorgeous samples, you HAVE to go to Tatertots&Jello and enter to win one of those gorgeous clocks!! There are several ways to enter and several chances for multiple entries, so be sure to read through and do them all!!

Now get busy!! :)
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