Saturday, November 20, 2010

I've finally started on my scraproom!!

Yesterday I finally started cleaning out and organizing my scraproom. I spent hours in there moving things around, throwing things out and sorting items. I am SO excited to see the progress so far! I am no where NEAR the end, but at the rate I'm going right now, I could actually do a layout or a card this weekend!!

Now, here's where I hang my head in shame.

I didn't take any (good) before pics. I think my scrapbooking membership card should be revoked. I did, however, snap a few shots with my crappy cell phone camera, so all is not lost. I will post actual pics when I am done with the whole room!

We have measured and measured and now the process of buying cabinets and counter tops begins!!

Here is one view. My table (to the right) is actually a little cleaned off. It was stacked so high before that everything was sliding off onto the floor! So this is not quite a beginning, but not an after just yet. The table in the back, with the green containers on it, will be replaced by the cabinets and countertop. It will run from wall to wall.

And here is a view standing in my scraproom. The bookcase that you see now was in the upper left corner of the previous picture. Shelving will eventually go above the bookcase.

Now, here's something you can all help me with! I have a glass door that leads into my scraproom. I'd like to put something in vinyl on the outside of the door, but I don't want to say "Welcome." What would be good to put on the door? I'm going to hang a curtain on the inside, so the word would be what you see before opening the door to my scraproom. Let's hear your ideas!!

Happy Saturday!!


Tracy said...

Ohhhh I am so excited for you. A whole new scraproom, how fun :)

Do you want everyone to know what is behind the door? How about Create, or something with the word Creative in it.

Sorry to hear about your mom's dog :(

Mary Pat Siehl said...

great room!

I agree with tracy--create or maybe Live, Love, Scrap or maybe inspire--just thinking!

Tracy said...

Ok I'm not hate'n about you wearing flip flops and enjoying the beautiful weather, at least I'm trying not to, LOL.

Steph said...

Love your scraproom. I dream of having a space like that some day.

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