Thursday, September 11, 2008

Settle's update time.

Well, I go from no posts to two posts in one day. How's that for dedication?!

Me. What's been going on with me. Where to start??

As I stated a few months back, I lost my dad to pancreatic cancer in May. Horrible, horrible time in my life. I still have moments that I can't breathe, and it's unbelievable how much I miss him.

Since that time, my family and I have relocated to Arizona to be near my mom. The original plan was that someday she would join us in Nevada. But, after thinking long and hard about it, we decided that she had more "roots" in Havasu than we had anywhere else, barring D's work. So, we moved to be closer to her.

The kids had a difficult time handling it, especially my high schooler, although I think *I* was more stressed about it than she was. But they have all adapted so much better than I thought they would, and they are slowly making friends. They are all playing soccer, and loving every minute of it.

D still works in Vegas. He is waiting to transfer to Laughlin and then he will only be an hour away from us. This will make it SO much easier, not only on us, but on the car and the checkbook. ;) It's difficult, and to say that it's a test is understating things, but we are strong, and we are a strong family, and we see the greater good and the end result.

I'm still at home, and I'm ITCHING to scrapbook. All of my scrap stuff is still in boxes. We lost some rooms and some square footage when we moved, but other than that, I LOVE my house. We have a pool, we have a good-sized lot, and D has his "play" garage: a four car garage, separate from my two car garage. Six car garages. Wow. Still unbelievable, lol.

Although I didn't have many, I miss my friends in both Nevada and Utah. They were my scrapping buddies, my lunch buddies, my shopping buddies. But we'll meet again...soon. I've reconnected with my high school best friend, and it's great. I've been gone for 20 years, but it seems like I've been here the whole time. We're both busy, but we're finding time for each other.

I love living near my mom, and it's so wonderful to be able to pop in for a bit, or take the kiddos to see her. They've even had a sleepover with her...and they loved it. She's my bestest friend, and I'd forgotten what it's like to be so near to her.

So, that's where I've been, and what I've been doing. I hope that fills in a few blanks. ;)

Thanks for reading.


laura said...

wow stephanie! that's sounds like a really positive change in your life. it's always good to be near your mom! :) glad you're getting settled in!

~Nancy~ said...

Oh wow.. that's a huge change for you and your family. Your mom must be so lucky to have you guys in her life.. it's so good to be able to live near your mom.. Take care.. I hope you'll be settled soon! XOXO

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