Monday, October 27, 2008

Friendship. What a funny word.

Friendship is such a funny little word. To some, it means the world. To others, it's just a word to throw around without much meaning. It's really difficult when you realize which one you have with someone.

I'm at the age where I do not want to work for my friendships. They should come naturally, easily, and without heartache. What do you do when things come up and the "friendship" changes for you? But...only you know it has changed. The other person is completely unaware of things.

I guess you just go on as usual without making any extra effort as it will be lost anyway. My friends know who they are, and what they mean to me. I guess that's what I'll hang onto.


Lorri said...

I am 47 and at a stage in my life where I am working because I want to and so I work alot. My children are grown and do not need me much. I have lost contact with close friends that I would see on a regular basis, have coffee, go to breakfast or lunch. It is funny when I think about it now, but I don't mind having myself to coffee with or go out alone to lunch, I bring a book and read sometimes. I don't like to have to make a huge effort for my friendships to continue and now at this age I have come to realize that if these friends needed me they know they can call anytime, but we don't see each other for years sometimes.


Sharla said...

Hey girl, you know the best friendships are the ones that come easy and naturally.... like us :)
Now, if ya hadn't moved so damn far away....... :)~

I love ya anyway and always will. We got the whole penguin thing goin on!!! Doobie doobie

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