Saturday, April 10, 2010

Perpetual reorganization

I am forever reorganizing my scrap room. Or should I say trying to. There is a challenge on twopeasinabucket but it is way too time consuming, my room would be in disarray too long...and I am just too impatient and want it done NOW, right or wrong.

This is what it looks like now:

So, I've been going into my room a little bit here and there, grouping like items together in baskets/totes and just sorting, for the time being. Once I get shelves and cabinets up, then I can start streamlining and buying containers that fit those areas.

Until then, I'll just keep trucking along! Hopefully I'll get to a point where I can at *least* whip out a layout or card!


Marlene said...

Looks pretty good to me. (You don't want to see my scrap room right now! AACK!!! And I'm an organizational freak!)

Tracy said...

Honestly your room doesn;t look to bad.
I have to walk over everything in my tiny room

Michele said...

Looks good to me! I don't have a "room" I have a rolling cart, so I'm jealous

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