Thursday, February 23, 2012

Getting caught up and returning to...normal...?

I'm finally getting back into a routine after battling Valentine's Day. I get back on my normal work schedule next week.

This week I've been busy getting my laundry caught up, my house clean, and my pantry/fridge restocked!

Today in Havasu, the weather is gorgeous. Hubby and I took a walk around the island. Or, he ran and I walked (3.7 miles). It felt great! Right now the windows are open and a breeze is blowing!

I've been cooking up my meals for my diet so that I have them on hand and I'm happy that I will be prepared for the coming week so that I don't have any excuses to fall off the wagon!!

I'm itching to get into my scraproom tonight, so hopefully I will have some scrappy goodness to show you soon!!

Hope you're having a wonderful Thursday!


1 comment:

Sharla said...

Hey girly..yep I do believe we were big and pregnant together...hard to believe our girls will be 16 already. ACK! And the drivers ed teacher called to get her schedule for driving and she's got her first official real date on March 3rd (Preference). Holy crap the time just flies.

You sound good, we need to catch up soon! :)

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