Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Holy carp it's been a long time!!

Where, oh where to begin??? It has been ages since I posted and I am ashamed!! So much has happened but there is no way I can get caught up now, so I will just begin with today. :)

My friends and I decided...well, my friends decided after I bullied them into doing it...to do one layout a day for the month of July. Any extras are just that, extra. But we are to commit to one layout a day, either one page or two.

Well, we got off to a fantastic start. Not.

I forgot on Sunday and almost on Monday until S called me to remind me, lol. She, by the way, had not done hers either, lol. So, then I called D...who was shopping in Vegas...and told her she needed to hurry home so she could do her daily layout. Hahaha. Then, I called and left T a message, and she was "conveniently" out of town. Uh-huh. Great starts for all of us.

I completed two layouts on Monday, to make up for Sunday, and then I did a layout today, so *I* am current (nanny-nanny-boo-boo to you all). And here they are:

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