Saturday, July 07, 2007

So, I'm getting motivated.

I'm getting motivated to get back into my cleaning and organzing groove. I've lost it recently since I've been so busy with the store and procrastinating at my job at home. It's time to get back in touch with my inner Martha. I'm so much happier when my house is organized, and I've really been slacking. When I'm organized, I feel like scrapping, or lounging with the kids, or even getting my other job done. When the house is a wreck, I don't want to do anything. Go figure, lol.

First on the agenda: pick a room/area to clean and organize.

I *had* started on my office a few weeks ago, and I got a TON accomplished. Three bags full of shred, two bags of trash...and that was just from cleaning off my desk and credenza ! Now it is time to go back in and finish.

I want to get it done from start to finish. Here is a small list of things I need to do in there.
  • Clean out desk drawer and get rid of junk
  • Finish going through credenza drawers, organizing and purging as I go
  • Get all appliance manuals for this house in a binder
  • Go through toy/household manuals and toss old ones and file new ones
  • Clean up my book shelf and buy something so that my books quit falling through, lol
  • Hang up my Disney pictures (this is going to be a Disney-themed office)
  • Take down remnants from when my scrap room was in there
  • Make and hang some curtains for the window
  • The usual cleaning: dusting, straightening up, etc.

Hopefully soon I'll be able to get my futon/bed for that room and then I'll have a nice little guest room!!

I'll post pics soon!!

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