Saturday, August 13, 2011

A day of "I should..."

Happy Saturday, everyone!

I'm off work today (yay!) and I really should be getting lots of things done. But instead, this is what my day has been comprised of:

"I should" be in the pool getting my tan on, but the day looks like this:

(view of the lake over my fence)

"I should" be in my scraproom cleaning...or perhaps scrapbooking?? But it looks like this:

(courtesy of my daughter making covers for her school folders, and me throwing everything random in there)

"I should" be exercising because I'm finally back on my weight loss journey, but my elliptical sits like this:

(notice how sad it looks?!)

"I should" be cleaning...yet here I sit! And no, no pictures of what I should be cleaning. That would be horrendous and CPS might show up at my house after someone calls them...

Have a great day!! :)


sutty said...

I hope the weather has picked don't want to see my scraproom at the fact unless you know where to tread you would struggle to get in there LOL :)

Keshet said...

Ha, sounds like you're doing exactly what you *should* be doing!

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