Saturday, June 10, 2006

Busy days!!

Today is Cass's last softball game, with a three-team pool party afterwards. There are only three teams in their league, so we decided to have the parties all together.

Last night I had bunco, which is always fun. I always gripe when I have to trek into Vegas, but I always have a good time. Good friends, good fun.

So, after last night, and after the party tonight...tomorrow is a birthday Vegas...for our family friends' children. Lots of fun and I get to see all of my great friends again. ;)

I had a blast shopping with the kiddos yesterday, and got them some really cute clothes. Now, we're in Podunk, so I did not know that the "cool" thing for the girls to wear are the boys board shorts!! I picked up some for both of the girls (and me too!), and we all look so summery and ready for swimming at the drop of a dime!! Of course, no swimming in these; don't want to lose their vibrant colors...

Here is a pair that I bought for Haley:

The bug man came on Wednesday, and I had both of the girls pile (and I do mean PILE) all of their stuff in the middle of their rooms so that he could spray. Well, now that leaves a lot of cleaning to do!!

I purchased some more totes at WalMart yesterday, and we will begin their rooms this week. I will post before and after pictures for you to see. Hold on to your


Jennifer Kirk said...

Love those shorts! Jack has swimmies just like them! He's my little orange boy!

Tangee said...

OH, those are cute!!!!

Tina said...

Cute shorts!!

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