Friday, June 09, 2006

I'm goin' shopping...and you can't have none....

*sigh* I love Eddie Murphy. ;)

Today, I am venturing into the animal that is known as Las Vegas. Wish me luck, people. I have to do a little bit of shopping and then I have bunco tonight.

I haven't decided what part of the house I want to organize this trip. I do know that I need to hit WalMart for some storage containers. If you are in need of storage totes, I have discovered the KING of storage totes: Homz brand. I found them at Walmart and fell in love with my first purchase. Their online catty does not show them, but when you see them, you will know. ;)

So, a trip to Walmart is in my future. Maybe a sqeak into Linens N Things. Definitely Old Navy...for my non-organizing fix, lol.

See you all tomorrow!!

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