Tuesday, December 18, 2007

The countdown begins!

One week from today. One week!!!! I can't believe Christmas will be here in one week. This time next week, we'll be settled in at my parents' house, opening gifts and enjoying family time.

For once in our lives, D and I are ahead of the game with regard to wrapping gifts. We usually spend Christmas Eve wrapping and assembling gifts for the kids. Because we're not smart enough to do it ahead of time, heh. Well, this year, we get to actually RELAX on Christmas Eve because we wrapped ALL of the presents yesterday!! Plus, for the first time, there is nothing to assemble this year. I think that a relaxing evening is the best present we can give each other.

Today, at the store, we are staying open until 8pm, hoping to drum up some business. I have prepared discount cards, and each customer can draw a card and receive a discount on their entire purchase up to 40% off!! Send me be busy thoughts!!

We went up to Caliente this past weekend and tooks pics with Santa. As soon as I upload them (I've been sick), I'll post them!!

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