Saturday, December 08, 2007


In about twenty minutes, my little self will be on her way to St. George to visit with my BFF and to do some MAJOR holiday shopping damage!!! I'm so excited, and it was hard to hold it back from the kiddos!!! We still have one little believer, so the magic still needs to be there.

Wish lists from my kids have been...interesting this year. My son would like...are you sitting?....Alaska. Yes, the boy wonder would like Santa to bring him Alaska so that he can build a giant ATV track. He would also like a microwave. You know, should he decide to whip himself up a little midnight snacker...

C seems to think that we have turned into the Trumps overnight. Top of her list? A laptop. Oh, and a TV. Let's not forget about the desk, shall we? Thank goodness she has put a few more "reasonable" requests on there....except for the new puppy....

H would like an acoustic guitar. Oh, and an electric guitar with an amp. I wonder if it will sit next to her keyboard that she never uses? Never mind the fact that she does not even know HOW to play a guitar, heh. She would also like the new iPod Nano. Because her old Nano is a year old, duh.

I want to be able to give them everything, but how will they learn responsibility? Such dilemmas during the holidays.

Wish me luck in finding everything I need!!!

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