Friday, January 05, 2007

Busy, busy, BUSY!!!

Wow. Who knew that housework could keep a person so busy?! But I do love a clean, organized house, so I keep going until I'm satisfied...which will probably be never.

Organizing is a sort of passion of mine. I always tell D that if we were rich, I'd have every single item in our house organized, in a box, with a label, all matching. Ahh...a girl can dream, right? But the same thing always happens to me: I get in an organizing tizzy, I buy some boxes to store stuff in (I buy what the budget will allow), and then I organize. When I need more boxes (and the budget allows)....they are always gone. So. I have hodge-podge storage boxes.

I think that I need to win the lottery, collect my winnings, and spend a weekend in The Container Store. It's the organizer's Disneyland. *sigh*

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