Wednesday, January 03, 2007

On a roll!!

Yesterday went *fabulously* well, with almost all of my little goals I set getting accomplished. I can't wait until it just becomes upkeep and not major cleaning.

Today is day two of my cleanse, and I'm feeling just a little hungry. I am down two pounds this morning though!! Yippee!! I was starving yesterday, so I did "cheat" and eat a few pieces of lunchmeat and a few carrots. Heck, I went from eating drinking, lol. Cut me some slack. ;)

I got up again at 6AM today and exercised!! Two days in a ROW!! You're witnessing history here, folks. I feel great, though, and I'm going to slowly start increasing my time by the end of the week.

D is home sick today. He's been fighting bronchitis for a week now, and working NYE on the strip didn't help him much, so he's taking a breather from everything today. I hope he doesn't throw off my groove.....;)~

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