Tuesday, January 02, 2007

What is this strange word...exercise...?

Today I began my quest to lose weight. I got up, and I exercised for ten minutes STRAIGHT!!! lol...

Adding to the exercise, my friend and I are doing Isagenix, which is a body cleanse, with a lovely side effect of weight loss. And weight loss, dear readers, is our friend.

Isagenix is a program that is designed to go after the toxins in your body. When we ingest toxins, our body does not know what to do with them, so it surrounds them with fat and stores them in your body. When you lose weight, you do not lose the toxins because your body is afraid of letting them go. The cleanse attacks those toxins, you lose those fat cells, hence the weight loss!!

I am not going to post my weight because gawd knows there aren't that many numbers, lol, but I'm excited to see some results!!


Anonymous said...

Hi Steph! I was so happy to see your comment.

How did you find your way to my blog!
I've marked yours to keep in the loop when I read. I love keeping in touch with friends this way. We hardly ever cross paths on 2Peas anymore. It's good to see you and happy new year!

Carrie said...

Let me know how it works

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