Saturday, September 09, 2006

Curtain call!!!

In my usual manner, I get a wild idea and I cannot rest until I get it done. Ask D. He'll tell you how I am with a great big eyeroll... :)

I decided that I wanted to make my own "custom" curtain top for my kitchen. I watch WAY too many decorating shows and read WAY too many decorating magazines, and then I get carried away.

Today I dusted off the ol' Sears sewing machine and went to work!! It took me a little bit of time to get it right, but I'm liking the finished product!!

The first time I put them up, I decided that the rod needed to be hung higher, much to D's dismay. This meant that he had to get up off of the couch and move it for me.

While he moved the rod higher over the window, I went back and re-sewed the curtains because they were waaaaaay too long. I now have a nice matching table runner, lol.

Here is the before. The photo is very yellow-y and you can't see it but there are cream-colored sheers above the window:

Now, here are the after pics!! Please keep in mind that I was so excited to have them up, I took photos before I finished ironing and positioning them. I also wanted a little more scallop at the bottom, but all in all I don't think they're too bad for a first timer. ;)

1 comment:

Tangee said...

I think it looks elegant! I love it!

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