Wednesday, September 13, 2006

How does your garden grow?

Well. I've wanted to plant a garden in my backyard ever since we purchased this house almost two years ago. We're on an acre, so there are other things that need to be done first to begin the layout of the backyard, such as building D's workshop and setting up a pen for the (future) chickens. We also need to extend our patio and do a few other things.

In my true fashion, I have no patience and want a garden now lol.

On Tuesday, I ran down to Ace Hardware and purchased two plants: one green bell pepper plant and one tomato plant. I've had a huge (empty) planter sitting on my front patio for a long time, and now it has life!!

I hope that my non-existent green thumb decides to show up this time around!!

Salsa, anyone?!

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